Second ACIPSS Pantier Report Published: “Right-Wing Assassins: Radicalized Online and Ready to Kill”.

Dr Florian Hartleb, a recognised expert on the topic, writes about “Right-wing assassins: radicalised online and ready to kill” – sadly this time only in german.

The report offers you a clear and comprehensive presentation of the problem situation in a compact form on a few pages and contains two tables for the purpose of clarity, which firstly provide a good overview of the current state of the topic including the relevant attacks of recent times (attack targets, framing, radicalisation paths, etc.) and secondly contain an analysis grid for the interpretation of the assassin manifestos. The report concludes with tested and innovative prevention strategies and recommendations for action.

You can find the Pantier Report #2 as a PDF on our homepage:

We hope to be able to provide you with up-to-date, valuable information for your activities with our format. We would be grateful for your interest, critical feedback and questions, but above all for topic requests and further dissemination.

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