ACIPSS researchers publish book on terrorism in the Cold War

JIPSS co-editor Adrian Hänni, ACIPSS researcher Thomas Riegler and the Polnish historian Przemyslaw Gasztold present a new book containing groundbreaking research on the relations between intelligence services and terrorist organizations in the age of the Cold War. The first of the two volumes, published with the renowned London publishing house I.B. Tauris in September, includes contributions on the socialist states in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and North Korea. The second volume assesses the support for terrorist groups by state actors in the West, including the neutrals Austria and Switzerland.

Based on recently released archival documents, the articles shed new light on the relations between state and terrorist actors, allowing for a fresh and insightful assessment of the contacts, dealings and secret agreements that states on both sides of the Iron Curtain maintained with terrorist organizations. According to Adrian Hänni, these relations and the motives of the involved actors were not only much more ambiguous, complex and multilayered than much of the literature suggested but are, in fact, crucial for the understanding of global political history in the Cold War era.