We would like to draw your attention to the new scientific publication by ACIPSS researchers Cordula Simon and Stefan Auer:

Political Correctness, Wishful Thinking and Science. The failure of universities in the discourse on language (Westend Academics, 2024).

They answer the hotly debated question of whether politically correct language serves a morally better world. In around 300 pages, the authors have investigated widespread slogans on whether language is a reflection of the world, action, thought, power or violence, and in the process they have come across countless misquotes, errors, insinuations and scientifically unfounded assumptions. 

The results not only show that language does not have its supposed influence in the world, that language coercion, gendering and euphemism treadmills are unscientific, but also that there is a lot wrong with in the faculties of the humanities. At the end of each chapter there are short, comprehensible summaries of the respective findings.

The aim of the authors is to create clarity with their comprehensive source work and to bring the ideologically heated discourse back closer to the actual scientific facts. 

The book can be ordered as a print copy via the following link, where you will also find a reading sample and information on the Open Access version:


You can find a short trailer as a foretaste of the content under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IH40rcpmmlk   

The authors Cordula Simon (c.simon@acipss.org) & Stefan Auer (s.auer@acipss.org) will be happy to answer any questions you may have.